We Need Rain

There are quite a few benefits that plants receive with a good dose of rain, that they don’t get from water supplied via a tap.

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Knox Festival 2024

The annual Knox Festival was held at Wally Tew Reserve in Ferntree Gully.  It is always well attended and this year was no exception.  It

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The Cook and the Chef

If you like watching the Cook and the Chef and cant find the recipes then here is the link

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30×30 gardening

WHY USE  30 x 30 cm  GARDENING? Benefits of gardening this way? Achieve maximum productivity out of a small garden plot You can grow a

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Queensland Fruit Fly Trap

Queensland Fruit Fly Traps, DIY !

Home made traps are easy, cheap and effective.  They lure in both male and females, which will drown.

Use clear plastic bottles with lids, (white repels the QFF).  Half way up the bottle, burn or carefully puncture a couple of 1cm holes on one side of the bottle.

Fill about a quarter of each bottle with your liquid lure.

Dissolve ½ a teaspoon of vegemite and ½ a teaspoon of sugar per cup of warm water.  Pour into traps, add pieces of orange or lemon peel and some real fruit juice with pulp and a couple of drops of dish washing detergent.

Using some string and S hooks, hang traps about 1.5 meters high, 2 metre apart, in shady spots, where they only get morning sun, 6 weeks before fruit is expected to ripen.

Change lure weekly for best results.  Tip out the bait and reuse the bottle.

Traps alone are not enough to control QFF, you need to use a combination of control methods.

Watch this video:-   Bye Bye Fruit Fly – Gardening Australia (   

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