Code of Conduct


What is our Code of Conduct?

The Knox Community Gardens Society’s Code of Conduct prescribes standards of behaviour expected of members in order to ensure that: –

  • The management of the Society is effective, open and accountable,
  • Members have respectful, productive and supportive relationships with each other and any persons with whom the Society interacts.

The Code of Conduct applies to all members of the Society.

Agreement to the Society’s Code of Conduct is mandatory to being a member of the Society.

The Code of Conduct is to be reviewed at 3-year intervals or as appropriate by the Society’s Committee of Management.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to set out standards of behaviour expected from members of Knox Community Gardens Society Inc., (the Society).  All members should ensure that they have read and comply with this Code of Conduct.

All members are required to maintain the highest standards of behaviour at all times by:-
  • Treating others with fairness, equality, dignity, and respect.
  • Acting honestly, responsibly and with integrity.
  • Always communicating respectfully and honestly.
  • Fulfilling their responsibilities as outlined in the Society’s Constitution, By-laws, Rules and Policies.
  • Acting in a way that is in line with the purposes of the Society, as defined in our Constitution.
  • Following any instructions or directions reasonably given to them by the Committee of Management.
  • Raising concerns with the Committee of Management about possible breaches of this code witnessed by the member.
  • Performing their activities in a safe, efficient, and competent way.
  • Observing the Society’s safety procedures, and any other obligations or ordinary expectations concerning the safety, health and welfare of other people involved with the Society,
  • Keeping confidential matters confidential.
  • Exercising caution and care with any documents, material, or devices, containing confidential information and at the end of their involvement with the Society returning any such documents and material in their possession.
  • Obtaining authorization by the Committee before communicating externally on behalf of the Society.
Members are expected NOT to: –
  • Bring Knox Community Gardens Society Inc. into disrepute (including through the use of email, social media and other internet sites, engaging with media etc.).
  • Engage in any activity that may cause physical or mental harm or distress to another person, (such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, assault, bullying and harassment).
  • Discriminate on the grounds of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or race.
  • Engage in conduct prejudicial to the Society.
  • Provide a false or misleading statement, declaration, document, record or claim in respect of the Society, its members or Committee.
  • Engage in any activity that may damage property.
  • Take unauthorized possession of property that does not belong to them.
  • Engage in illegal activity within the grounds of the Society, or in the name of the Society, or while in any way representing the Society, including while acting in any formal capacity, role or as an Office Holder.
  • Improperly disclose, during or after their involvement with Knox Community Gardens Society Inc. ends, confidential information gained in the course of their role with the Society.

Where a member is considered by the Committee to be in breach of this Code of Conduct or any of the Society’s Constitution, By-laws, Rules and Policies, a hearing by a Disciplinary Committee, as detailed in the Division 2 of the Society’s Constitution, may result in the membership being suspended or terminated.

The Society’s Committee of Management is responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented effectively.

The Society’s Committee of Management will review the Code of Conduct at 3 yearly intervals or as appropriate.