30×30 gardening

WHY USE  30 x 30 cm  GARDENING?

Benefits of gardening this way?

Achieve maximum productivity out of a small garden plot

  1. You can grow a lot more in a much smaller space.
  2. Instead of sowing seeds thickly though out a row, you only need 2-3 seeds per square to grow one plant that doesn’t need the thinning that rows require.
  3. Watering is more direct, therefore you waste less.
  4. Weeds are easy to control in square foot gardening, as they are in a controlled space, with lightweight soil and are easily accessible.
  5. Fertilizing becomes easier, and less is used, again because of the controlled space.
  6. It looks more attractive, and less chaotic than the typical veggie garden.
  7. The plants are healthier due to crop rotation that happens though the natural progression of the squares, and better air circulation.
  8. Having the plants close together allows you to spot and treat pest infestations easily.
  9. You can build and grow a square foot garden right on top of even hard clay soil.

Convinced? Take the easy steps to square foot gardening success!