General Rules




Since 1984 the Society has developed an outstanding Community Gardens with very good facilities which are
there to be enjoyed by all Members. The Committee has adopted a set of rules and bylaws over time to ensure that
all members continue to enjoy these facilities.

All members are expected to adhere to these rules bylaws and those contained in the Constitution.

Noncompliance can lead to disciplinary action including (but not limited to) forfeiture of your allocated
plot and suspension or cancellation of membership.


1. Access to the Gardens

  1. It is recommended that you carry your gate key with you on all visits to the gardens
  2. Access by car is via Kleinert rd. and Scoresby rd. however Trucks, Buses and vehicles towing a

    trailer must use Scoresby Rd gates

  3. Do not park vehicles in Kleinert Rd under any circumstances and always travel as slowly and quietly

    as possible in Kleinert Rd and on the access lane from Scoresby Rd in consideration to our


  4. The large main gates at Kleinert Rd or Scoresby Rd entrances will be opened by the first person to

    arrive at the gardens. The gates will be closed any time after 5pm. If you arrive after the gates are
    closed please open and enter, but you must lock the gates behind you and also as you leave (after
    checking that no one else is in the gardens). Please consider our neighbours if arriving early or
    leaving late. Ensure that you have your KCGS key with you at all times

  5. Speed signs are in place to inform members of the limits. The speed limit (8 kph) must be observed
    within the gardens and from Scoresby Road
  6. The hours that we have available to work the plots are now from daylight to dusk
  7. Any pets brought to the gardens must be under control and on a leash at all times. You must clean up

    after your pet

2. Managing your Plot

  1. Once you have been allocated a plot it is your responsibility to fully cultivate same
  2. The practice of using only a portion of a plot and allowing the remainder to grow thick high seeding

    weeds is not acceptable. Plants that you grow must be kept within the confines of your plot

  3. Edges of Plot must be kept in good repair and be hazard free. To reduce the risk to members

    (including yourself), no sharp edges are permitted

  4. Grass on the outside edges of the plot is to be kept trimmed
  5. Fixed sprinklers are banned. Water is to be by hand held trigger sprinklers only according to the

    restrictions as laid down by South East Water. We have some tank water available for members use.


i. From the 12th July 2014 the height of any enclosure on a plot must not exceed 1 metre from
actual ground level surrounding the plot. Trellises, racking, frames and similar structures must
not exceed 1.8 metre in height

  1. For the ease of mowing and whipper-snipping, any mesh or cladding must be attached inside the
    plot, no posts or pegs are allowed outside the plot.
  2. Existing enclosures and structure which complied with rules in place at the time they were
    completed will be allowed to remain until the plot is surrendered or forfeited at which time the
    structure will be removed.
  1. If you have any problems complying with any of the above or you need some assistance please
    contact the plot supervisor, or any other committee member
  2. Members must inform the Secretary or Plot Supervisor when they are away or in extenuating
    circumstances to ensure the Committee are aware of who is maintaining the member’s plot

3 Facilities

Toilets are available for members use in the north-west corner of the site. Please keep them neat and tidy.
If there are any problems or they are out of “supplies” please contact a committee member (see notice
board in clubrooms for contact details)

The clubrooms are available for members use. Tea and coffee making facilities are provided.
Your gate key opens the clubroom and the fridge. Please ensure that the fridge and clubrooms are locked
when you have finished with them. The BBQ can be used by members by special arrangement. Please
talk to any committee member.

4. Rubbish Removal

  1. Hard Rubbish (timber, metal, plastic and non-compostable woody plant material) is to be disposed of
    through the member’s home rubbish bin or taken to the tip. It is not to be left anywhere at the
    gardens. The plots trailer is available for a small fee if you have a large quantity of rubbish (for
    details please refer to Rule Trailer Use)
  2. Organic Material is best dug deep into your plot or placed in the marked compost bin. Please do not
    place diseased material or noxious weeds (e.g. Oxalis) in the gardens compost bins. Many Members
    have installed their own low-cost plastic bins on their own plots to assist with disposal of their own
    compostable waste
  3. The Lawn Clipping Bins are not to be used for dumping of any other materials. The lawn clippings
    are supplied by several contractors and are available for use on member’s plots
  4. The Woodchip Mulch Bin (near the factory fence) is not to be used for dumping of any materials.
    The Woodchips are supplied by Knox Council and are available for use on member’s plots
  5. The dumping of any rubbish in the bush at the south of the plots is illegal and will not be tolerated by
    the committee or by Knox Council

5 Power Equipment (Remember, machinery is extremely dangerous if used incorrectly)

  1. A lawn mower, whipper snippers, rotary hoe and cultivator are available in the machinery shed for
    members use. See a committee member if you are unsure of their operation
  2. Always ensure correct oil level before operating the mower, rotary hoe or cultivator
  3. Whipper snippers use a two-stroke petrol mix from the 1-gallon tins in the machinery shed
  4. Our cultivator is simply that. It is NOT a rotary hoe and is not to be used on hard ground. Before

    using this machine, the plot should be turned over by hand

  5. Do not make any alterations or modifications to the machinery without consulting the committee
  6. Report any breakdowns or other problems to the committee immediately
  7. The ride on mower is only to be used by people that have been instructed in its use and authorised by

    a committee member and provided with a key to unlock the chain

  8. Powered machinery use must comply with council noise restriction (9:00 am to 6:00 pm)
  9. Please ensure that equipment is refilled with the correct petrol after use

6 Items for Sale

  1. Cold drinks are available for purchase from the fridge in clubrooms
  2. Other items including seeds, manure, hay etc. may be available from time to time. These items are

    sold on cost recovery basis and available for use in the plots area only. Members wishing to take

  3. purchases off the site should seek permission from the President or Secretary. Please remember: All
    purchases must be paid for – record in book in clubroom and place money in envelope together with
    details slip and deposit in the metal box attached to the cupboard

    7. Trailer Use

    1. Before you use the trailer please refer to the trailer conditions of use in the clubrooms. The 7 x 4 box
      trailer is available to members for clearing rubbish and weeds from plots or for picking up materials
      from outside sources, not for helping friends move to a new house or other private use.
    2. To book the trailer please contact the Plot Supervisor at least one day in advance and place the $5 fee
      in the box in the shed. The Plot Supervisor will arrange for the appropriate wiring lead to be fitted
    3. There is a small square lightweight trailer or use behind the ride on mower (by members who have

      completed the mower operation and safety checkout). It is for use within the plots and must not to be
      taken off site. It is not to be used to carry manure, compost or any other heavy materials. It is
      intended only for eucalypt mulch and sawdust and use under the direction of the committee at
      working bees


    1. 1  When accepting membership applications, the committee will where possible give priority to residents

      and ratepayers of the City of Knox

    2. 2  Membership Classes
      The committee at its discretion may accept applications for membership for the following categories of
      person or persons who qualify to be a member of the Society:

      1. Individual Member is any person approved by the committee who has paid the membership fee and

        been allocated an allotment

      2. Family Member is any family, approved by the committee which has paid the membership fee and

        been allocated an allotment

      3. Group Member is any group, approved by the committee, which has paid the membership fee and

        been allocated an allotment

      4. Associate member is any person, family or group approved by the committee who has paid the

        membership fee but has not been allocated a plot

    3. 3  Members entitled to vote at a meeting
      1. Each member accepted under categories a), b) and c) is entitled to one vote at any meeting of the


      2. Votes will only be accepted from Members who are financial at the date of the meeting
      3. Associate members are not entitled to vote
    4. 4  Allocation of Allotments
      1. The committee, at its discretion, may allocate allotments to any member who wishes to cultivate

        same after payment of joining and membership fees as levied from time to time. Plots allocated by

        the committee shall where possible be by order of application

      2. Members cultivating allotments are deemed to be managing that portion of land on behalf of the

        society in the furtherance of its objects

      3. Each plot will be allocated as a whole plot. Private arrangements regarding actual working of a plot

        will in no way alter allocation rules outlined in section 4 a) above

    5. 5  Each plot holder must spend a total of at least four hours a year on general maintenance and works to

      the gardens or voluntary work at club events and fundraisers. A fee may be applied to members who do

      not make this important contribution to our gardens

      Amended by resolution at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 21st September 2018

      1. 6  A member, after being notified by the committee that they have not maintained their plot to an
        acceptable standard, will be given 10 business days to remedy same. The member will be personally
        contacted after 10 days and a second request will be sent. If the issues outlined in the letters are not
        actioned or no reasonable excuse or negotiation is given within 30 days from the date of the first letter,
        the plot will be forfeited

        Amended by resolution at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 21st September 2018

      2. 7  The Committee may make from time to time such rules as will ensure for members the enjoyment of,
        and general upkeep of, all property, equipment and land managed by the Society and these rules shall be
        displayed at the site
      3. 8  Non-compliance with the provisions of the Constitution, the By-Laws and any General Rules laid down
        in terms of rule 7 (above) can lead to disciplinary action including (but not limited to) forfeiture of any
        allocated plot(s) and suspension or cancellation of membership
      4. 9  The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in the month of July
      5. 10  Nominations for the annual election of office bearers shall be in writing, in the hands of the Secretary, at
        least seven days before the Annual General Meeting and shall not be valid unless approved by the
        respective nominees before the meeting commences
      6. 11  All monies shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Society and shall be payable within one month of falling

        Members resolved to cancel all previous By-Laws and formally adopt the above By-Laws
        numbered 1-11 by Special Resolution at a General Meeting held on Saturday fifteenth of February2014

      7. 12  These By-laws, subject to the provisions of the constitution, may be added to, revoked, altered or
        amended at the Annual General Meeting of the club by special resolution if not less than three quarters
        of the members voting (whether in person or by proxy) vote in favour of the resolution
      8. 13  That the Committee of management include a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 ordinary Committee

        Resolved at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 12th July 2014

      9. KCGSInc Rules and Bylaws 2021 Dec